With 25 years of experience leading art departments for feature film and television, Los Angeles based Mayling Cheng is an acclaimed production desgner with an incomparable vision.  Born in mainland China, she grew up in Taipei, Taiwan and immigrated to Chicago as a teen.  She received her BFA in Environmental Design from Otis Parsons College of Art and Design, Los Angeles.

One of Mayling's formative experiences was working for Orson Welles shortly before his death. From him, she learned that her main role as a designer was to help tell the story above all else.  He taught her not to let "realities" get in the way.

In tandem with her multicultural perspective and deep architectural training, Mayling thinks outside of the box for every script and creates consistently innovative sets, technically sound and creatively boundless. This ethos can be seen across her vast resume, but some standouts include LOIS AND CLARK: THE NEW ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN (ABC), JAG (PARAMOUNT), TURBULENCE (MGM/UA), VIRUS (UNIVERSAL), INVASION (WB/ABC), TOUR OF DUTY (CBS), GHOST WHISPERER (CBS)  and most recently, HART OF DIXIE (WB/CW)